Friday 6th January:

Well this wasn’t the start to 2023 that we’d wished for! 

Whilst we’re hoping to depart any day now, Tenacious is currently alongside in Gran Canaria following an issue with her port generator which has delayed her leaving to cross the Atlantic.

A local engineering firm looked at replicating the required gaskets but were unable to, so we are currently waiting on the delivery of new head gaskets. As soon as these arrive our expert engineers onboard can get started on replacing them straight away – but today is Epiphany (also known as ‘Three Kings Day’) and it’s a full-on public holiday in the Canaries. We hope this won’t delay our delivery, but right now we are all in suspense!

Captain Simon fully expects we can still make our intended arrival date in Antigua, although is disappointed he won’t be able to challenge his previous record of carrying out the crossing 96.4% under sail.

The permanent crew have been keeping the voyage crew busy with training and evolutions including hands aloft, assisted climbs, line handling, some sail setting and stowing, and a visit to the port police on Thursday to get exit stamps in their passports. We expect everyone onboard will be a well oiled machine when they leave port! 

We’ll update everyone as soon as we can.


Update: 9th January 1200hrs: 

Despite the parcel tracking showing that the gaskets have been held in customs in Las Palmas since Saturday morning, they haven’t yet made it to the ship. The holiday and the weekend seem to have added to the time it’s taken to clear customs, but the ship’s agent is on the case. We’re now all keeping our eyes peeled on the quayside for the delivery van!

We thank you for all your kind messages of support over the weekend. We had some questions as to why we haven’t been able to sail if the issue isn’t with our engines/sails, and why we can’t make the generator gaskets ourselves.

Our generators are extremely important as they provide the power for important ship systems used daily, for example, sewage plants, watermakers, ventilation, lighting, laundry, cooking, radars and navigation. The ship has two Baudouin 105 Marine Generator Sets, one on the port side of the engine room, and one on the starboard side.

These particular gaskets are formed metal with embedded rubber o-rings, which is why they aren’t possible to make onboard or with a CNC machine (oh how we wish they were!).

We’ll keep you updated and let you know when they’ve arrived!


Visual Descriptions:

Picture 1 is of a cylinder head being pressure tested. 

Picture 2 is of the head surface, prepped for a new gasket to ensure a perfect seal.

Picture 3 is of the old gaskets, showing damage to one.

A cylinder head is being pressure tested on a workbench.     A cylinder head surface, prepped for a new gasket to ensure a perfect seal.    Three gaskets are shown on a worksurface. One is evidently discoloured, indicating damage.