“It’s a big jigsaw that all comes together in the end, but needs careful planning and management”. 

Luke is the JST’s Technical Manager and is deep in preparation for the Special Survey and Refit period, which kicks off later this summer. Docking arrangements, volunteers, managing suppliers – Luke is busier than ever making sure we’re getting everything ready.   

Here he updates us with what he’s been getting up to.


With the Tenacious 2020 Special Survey and Refit period looming, we have many of the projects involved underway already. 

Tenacious is currently alongside in Barry, and we have some contractors attending the ship, carrying out inspections on lifting equipment and sewage treatment plant, and the paint which we use on board. We’re also looking at the works to be done during the September dry docking period, and planning ahead.  

In terms of timings, the Special Survey itself will get underway in August and will continue through the Refit. Tenacious will arrive in Sharpness on the 8th September, and look to go straight into the dock. She will come out of the dock around the 26th September and will then continue her maintenance until the 29th October, which will include sea trials and getting the ship back in operating conditions for the coming season.

Purchasing some of the critical equipment is well underway, thanks to our supporters’ donations:

  • 2.8km of rope has been ordered from English braids to assist with scheduled replacement in the rigging
  • 33 replacement wires are due to be replaced during the refit on the bowsprit and foremast as part of the rigging replacement programme. The special terminals are in the process of being ordered from overseas.
  • The replacement bearings for the propeller shafts have been ordered, these should arrive from Canada before the ship goes into dry dock
  • Replacement mooring lines have been ordered to be delivered to the ship when she is in Sharpness
  • Fine tuning is nearly complete on the replacement engines and ships alarm systems proposal.

As Technical Manager, part of my role is to have ongoing conversations with the permanent crew around the dynamics of several working projects being carried out at the same time, when the ship is dry in the dock or when she is alongside and floating. This includes redoing the shaft alignment, taking off all six furling yards for overhauling of the timing gear and pipe replacement within the engine space and throughout the ship. It’s a big jigsaw that all comes together in the end, but needs careful planning and management. 

We are also having ongoing discussions regarding Covid-19 – how we adapt to ensure we are keeping everyone safe and how we take up all the great offers of support from our volunteers to assist on board the ship. We will be matching up people’s skills and available time to the work we require to do in the different stages of the refit period, and will be in touch in due course. Thanks to all of you who have been in touch with us about helping out as maintenance volunteers – we are extremely grateful. 

It’s a busy time, and we can’t wait to get fully underway now. We’re going to keep our supporters updated throughout the process – here on our website and through our social media and emails, so do keep watching! 


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