Where land ends, adventure starts

The unique environment on board our ships challenges crew to do things they never thought possible, in an unfamiliar and adventurous environment, overcoming personal challenges and limitations.

Promoting diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do and our unique ships help us accomplish our mission.

The combination of teamwork and development of life skills ensures our crew leave with a sense of pride, empowered to face their world with an increased confidence, greater self-belief, and appreciation of others.

With each contribution made, you are helping to empower individuals to explore their ability, potential and place in the world. You are also making a significant impact on raising awareness of the importance of a diverse and inclusive society.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our charitable mission.

Your donations have helped us deliver


transformative adventures for over 40 years

Together we can make a difference to make the impossible, possible...

Did you know that with every pound donated you are contributing towards a funded place for a beneficiary to enable them to participate in a life changing JST adventure?


" I really needed this adventure. I found my smile again. After being stuck home a lot these past few years for medical reasons, taking this sailing trip has helped me be hopeful again. My life isn't over. There is a beautiful world out there to see and I can't think of a better way of seeing it than sailing on a ship that is so accommodating. So peaceful and therapeutic. I can't wait to taking another trip. "

Ray, Tenacious voyage crew