Ship safety, condition, quality and reliability are vital for the JST’s activities and mission. This new fund is intended to be central to the long-term stability required for the care and maintenance of our two accessible ships. It could also help prepare for the exciting idea of expanding and renewing our fleet in the future.

Ian Shuttleworth was a much loved member of the JST family who, over many years, contributed to the success of the JST through advocacy, fundraising, and as a long-term valued member of the Board of Trustees.

With Lord Nelson now over 30 years old and Tenacious approaching 20, our ships continue to serve us well. However, to be able to plan for the next decade, we need to be in a position to deliver both predicted and exceptional needs for both ships.

Our aspiration is to ensure our ships are maintained to a condition comparable to that of their initial 5 year special survey. This is termed ‘Level 1SS condition’, and relates to the hull and all associated features of the ship.

By maintaining our vessels to this standard, we would achieve reducing our long term maintenance costs and insurance premiums, as well as increasing the ship’s life. It would also aid in avoiding port entry restrictions that apply more particularly to older ships.

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