Support our annual winter appeal and with your help, we can go on changing lives for generations to come.

You may have received our annual winter appeal, or you may be visiting this page whilst browsing. Whatever the reason you will know, like so many charitable organisations, we’ve been going through some challenging times. However, we’re optimistic for the future and we’re moving forward.

With the dedication of our staff, volunteers and supporters, not to mention an impressive ship like Tenacious, we can continue to change people’s lives by building life skills, leadership skills, character and confidence. Read Ben’s story to find out how life changing our voyages can be.

But – as always – we can’t do any of it without you. We need your help.

Next year Tenacious is due her Special Survey. This is an essential process to ensure she remains able to sail. But to complete the Survey, she will need to be dry docked for three months. We will complete the work as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure she returns to her home, the sea.

“There’s no better feeling than being in charge of such a magnificent ship. Tenacious is more than just a tall ship, of course. For those we support, including people who are disabled, living with mental or other health conditions, she’s a symbol of hope, inclusion and independence. We rely entirely on donations, so your gift now will help us face the future with even more confidence.”  Darren Naggs, Captain of Tenacious.

Just docking Tenacious for the Special Survey will cost over £16,000.

Maintaining tall ships is no easy business and comes at a cost. However, the benefits of our work far outweigh these costs.

50% of our income is from donations. We wouldn’t be able to subsidise voyage places or even provide our life changing voyages if it wasn’t for our donors. Would you consider donating to our New Horizons Appeal? Whatever you can give will be used where it matters most.

Real life story

Ben’s voyage of discovery

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