Ardent Training is an online sailing course provider and was founded by a team of extremely experienced, professional sailors. Ardent Training knows first hand how inspiring and motivating a trip with the JST can be. Their content creator and instructor; Charlie Triggs, completed his Young Leadership Award with us back in 2015.

Ardent Training is offering all JST supporters 20% of their online courses. To check out what’s available click here . Get in touch with JST via for a special discount code, and a percentage of all courses booked will be donated to the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

During their time as JST Champions Ardent Training donations have helped fund essential items onboard needed to keep the ship sailing safely, including lifejacket lights and replacement fenders after sheltering from rough weather in port – thank you!



Ardent Training’s, Charlie Triggs, completed his Young Leadership at Award with JST back in 2015.

“In 1989 before his 70th birthday my Grandad, a sailor himself, embarked on a trip with the JST and from then on it had always been on my Mum’s wish list. She joined her first passage in 2012, without a doubt she was hooked as she has been on a voyage every year since, either as voyage crew, cooks assistant or watch leader. In 2015 the two of us got the opportunity to sail together during the fantastic Tall Ships Race!

For me, sailing on a JST Tall Ship and meeting such a diverse bunch of crew mates, from all over the world, was an incredibly rewarding experience. Being at sea can be such an enriching and empowering adventure, a trip with the JST really emphasised this for me. Since this experience I have worked as a professional seafarer across the globe, and now, along with co-founders Edd and Charly Hewett, I am proud to be part of Ardent Training, a new provider of online RYA theory courses. We have designed our RYA courses to be accessible to all, by learning at your own pace in your own time, through video and text format. This platform has provided the opportunity to give back and help support charities such as the JST, who have shaped and inspired our careers.

From my family’s experience, volunteers finish a trip with the JST inspired, motivated and wanting more. By giving JST volunteers discounts on our range of online RYA courses, we hope volunteers will continue to develop skills and knowledge once back on land, as well as gaining new RYA qualifications. In turn this may help them progress to be a Watch Leader on their next JST trip and to open up new opportunities for them to enjoy more time at sea.”