Life on board really is about joining in and getting involved. Everyone is seen and treated as equal. Everyone has a role to play and contributes to the best of their ability.


How will I know what to do?

Don’t worry if you have not sailed before – most people step onboard Tenacious with no experience of sailing a tall ship, so you will not be alone. Our professional seafarers and volunteers will support you through all the tasks involved and you will always have an experienced hand to ask for advice or support.

You will be put into one of four teams, called Watches. The four Watches are called Forward Port, Aft Port, Forward Starboard and Aft Starboard.

Each Watch includes an experienced Watch Leader who will co-ordinate the team under the guidance of the permanent crew. Between the Watch Leaders and Permanent Crew they will ensure that you are given tasks that suit your individual strengths and capabilities.

The four Watches take it in turn to be responsible for the various tasks required to sail and run the ship, including keeping watch. Those tasks need to be completed all day and through the night.


Our buddy system

When you arrive on-board:

  • If you are uncertain with any aspect of the buddy arrangements or unsure of your role, please speak to your Watch Leader or the Medical Purser.
  • Introduce yourself to your buddy as soon as possible on joining the ship.
  • Ask your buddy what help they may need. Our experience is that people with disabilities know their capabilities and are very keen to do as much as possible themselves.
  • Your buddy may need help stowing their gear, making up their bunk and rigging up their lee cloth (the lee cloth stops you falling out of your bunk when the ships rolls).
  • As the voyage progresses you will work out a routine that suits you both but please be aware that at sea in certain weather conditions, ships do perform antics which may be unfamiliar!

For more helpful tips about the buddy system please click here 


Food Glorious Food

The food on board is plentiful and often praised. A professional cook and a cook’s assistant produce three cooked meals a day and make cakes, biscuits and scones for elevenses and afternoon tea (both known as ‘Smoko’ on board).

In addition you can help yourself to fresh fruit and if you are still peckish during your night watch there are always some ‘night rations’ to help you through.

We can cater for special dietary requirements  – just remember to mention them when you book.