Ohh what a joy it is to be sailing again.

I’ve had the privilege of being onboard since our return to the high seas and sailing with our wonderful Voyage Crew once again. It has been great to welcome back many familiar faces but also lots of new sailors ready to have their own experience on a square rig sailing ship.

We’ve had a great start to sailing again having a tremendous time sailing from Greenock to Leith and of course, I must mention, that we managed to get to St Kilda, which I’m certain was on many people’s bucket list, including my own! From Leith we then sailed down the coast toward London with a fantastic stop and run ashore in Holy Island. And how can I not mention the passage up the Thames and making international news with Tower Bridge being stuck open after our transit. I’m sure we had nothing to do with the technical fault although it’s nice to think that the Bridge was stunned along with the public at our presence…

As I’m writing this we are sailing just south of the Isle of Wight, full and by in 25 knots of apparent wind after a motor overnight. There is something truly spectacular about being under sail like this.

I think I speak on behalf of all the Permanent Crew and Volunteers when I say that seeing the sails full of wind and faces full of glee is what we’ve been needing since the global pandemic started. So, cheers to you and we hope to see you all back onboard soon!

All the best,