Day 2  14/02/2019

Happy Valentine’s Day!

After Evacuation Training and drill it was hands aloft (forward watches and assisted climbs).

After lunch on deck, aft watches climbed and mandatory helm and lookout training for all.

By 2:30PM we were preparing to make way. Things don’t always go to plan and our ETD of 3:00PM was delayed with weighing anchor ‘challenges’. As always Leslie sorted the problem, and by 4:20PM we were away from Falmouth harbour to head North-North-West. BVI or Anguilla? Captain Chris to advise at tomorrow’s morning briefing.

South Easterly 4 to 5.

Blue skies and blue water.

We’re on our way!

Aft Port

Bob, Catherine, Alex, Marco, Diane, Jakki, Jackie, Jules, and not least Steph!

Day 3  15/2/19   

Another gloriously sunny day with fair winds. There was much discussion about which islands could be seen and after clarifying with navigator Josh it turned out we’d passed St.Barts, Saba, and could see St. Martin off the starboard side. We watched from afar large planes landing on the famous beach/airstrip there. We also noted the presence of a VERY large battleship grey superyacht….apparently owned by a Russian oligarch, plus some vigorous flying fish.

Your roving reporter noted the following random comments from Forward Starboard watch on the bridge:

“What could be better than sailing in February wearing t-shirt and shorts on a tall ship with great people” Sabine and Phil

“I’m so relaxed I can’t think. I would like the ship to stay still for a minute so I can find my stuff” Joan

“I’m enjoying the voyage and have only had to scrub the decks once so far” Ken

“I wish I wasn’t sea sick but I’m thankful I’m not at work today!” Karen

Onwards to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands……

Fwd Starboard

Sabine (WL), Phil, Joan, Ken, Liz, Mandy, Karen, Preston. And Chris.

Day 4  16/2/19 

Yet another gloriously sunny day with fair winds. A full day and night of sailing as we continue to head for Tortola and Soper’s Hole. Bits of sail handling and bracing of the yards as we try to get to our destination at an appropriate time. It is nice and warm all day and with night watches in t shirt and shorts it seems so far from the British February.

Day 5 17/02/19 – Soper’s Hole, Tortola, BVI.

Another beautiful, sunny morning. After breakfast, an announcement was made that Happy Hour was to start earlier than usual. (For those of you at home…this is not time spent at the nearest bar!)

As some of us were scrubbing the decks with synchronised dancing to various 70s & 80s pop songs, others were using broomsticks as microphones. According to Josh, our Navigation Officer, this was the Happiest Hour ever!

Once all the jobs were done, we all enjoyed Micah’s delicious, freshly-baked scones & jam during Smoko. Soon after, we had a most interesting talk about sail setting. This was given by Lesley, Chief Officer/ Mate, who explained everything very clearly, together with detailed diagrams.

After lunch on deck, anchors weighed at 13.30 and at 15.15, Tom took us through Carrot’s Passage, under a passing shower, which only lasted 10 minutes. We continued to motor until the end of our watch.


Tom (WL), Barbara, Lizzy, Graham, Stacey, Kate, Caroline, Carole & Claudie.

Day 6 18/02/19 Karen’s Birthday!

In the morning we sailed and then anchored in a bay in a Anguilla. Just after smoko we had a fabulous birthday cake made and decorated by Micah.

A good portion of the day was spent on shore exploring Anguilla.

Day 7 19/02/19 – Anquilla

We woke to another beautiful sunny day anchored in a bay off Anguilla.

After Breakfast and the usual meetings we had a swim off the starboard side of the boat. There were lots of fancy dives, somersaults and jumps off the platform. Johannes hiked up his shorts for a stylish dive.

After lunch the captain decided not to sail off anchor as the winds were too strong. Preston was on helm and did a fantastic job in his new yellow shirt as our watch was on as we left the bay. It was all hands on deck as we set some sails towards Monserrat.

We sailed through our watch, which ended at 4pm and the boat sailed through the evening and night.

FSW – Sabine (WL), Preston, Karen, Liz, Phil, Chris, Joan, Ken, Mandy

Day 8 20/02/19

With high winds and quite a swell, we had the excitement of night sailing close to the wind at various stages and occasionally reaching speeds of between 7 and 8 knots.

After breakfast it was all hands on deck to take sails in, change course and then brace to port, with yummy cinnamon whirls at Smoko as a reward.

In preparation for visiting Montserrat tomorrow, Engineer Steve gave us a talk about the island’s history and features, including info about buses, taxis, volcano visiting, best bars and beaches and George Martin’s recording studio.

Fortified by a kedgeree lunch (also delicious!) the whole crew then moved the jib, put up two stays’ls and braced the yards again to change course (or something like that!)

We had a beautiful afternoon’s sailing, with one minor drama involving a cargo ship heading for Dominica very close to port which, rather than giving way to us as we were under sail, asked us via the radio to slow down. This request was politely refused (how do you turn the wind down?) with a reminder of the rules.  Thankfully the cargo ship altered course, put on a burst of speed and crossed safely in front of us much further away.

In the afternoon we had a knots teach-in with the two Bosuns Mates, Karen and Fraser.

We are aiming to reach Montserrat by nightfall.

FPW – Jane, Kumi, Wendy, Eric, Andy, Richard, Steve, Matthew, Terry (WL)

Day 9 21/02/19

We arrived in Little Bay, Monserrat, yesterday, after motor sailing and tacking (with fore and aft sails set) and  the sun having set (AP being on Last Dog watch and having the privilege of assisting with anchoring). Chris dropped anchor close in, so with shelter from the fresh Easterly and reduced swell we looked forward to a good night’s sleep. The Engineers made a fab Punch, that was well received.

Chris put ashore early after breakfast to clear us in, with a PC Team to confirm that there was enough depth to bring Nellie alongside the Jetty.

Yet another impressive set on manoeuvres and we were off for bus tours or chilling on the beach etc.

All to return by 4.30pm local to sail for Antigua.

Aft Port Watch – Bob, Alex, Catherine, Jules, Jackie, Jakki, Marco and Steph