Day 2  24-08-19

After a night moored up in Bergen a sunny day awaited. It was the almost the end of the Tall Ships Race for Lord Nelson as we joined the line of sail with the 50’ish other ships and boats out of Bergen Harbour. After lunch those that wanted to climb the rigging were equipped with a training harness and taught how to use safety gear and we climbed the masts. There was a light breeze and may of the ships had sails up. A fantastic sight looking out from 15 metres above deck to other tall ships with sails hoisted. We left the Race and headed for a quiet anchorage in a small bay surrounded by grey and green islands.

Day 7

Ashore in Maly: half the watch (Ruth, Callum, Helen & Andy) with Andrew made an attempt on Vettan. Andrew went on to summit an alternative peak, Helen and Ruth pressed on to summit Vettan for Nellie whilst Callum and Andy returned to the boat so that Andy could go on to mess duties. It was an excellent climb in very hot weather and trough a forest track, on breaking through the tree-line we were afforded great views of the Maloy boat and of-course Nellie sitting on her berth. In the evening some of the watch joined another watch for dinner in a local fish restaurant, unfortunately they were not prepared for such a large number on a Monday night and so was cleaned out of food! For most instead of fish delicacies it was veggie lasagne and burgers.

Day 8

Began as usual with warm sunny weather and assembly on the quay for our expedition photo. After lots of ‘Cheeses’ it was back onto Nellie and setting sail (or at least motor!) for the day. Good weather has to date been the most significant factor in our routine with factor 50 sun-cream the order for every day, great for the tan but regrettable light on winds!

Forward port watch – Tuesday 30th July

We joined Lord Nelson in Bergen where the town was vibrant and full of Tall Ship crew celebrating after the racing. This was followed by a fabulous firework display with all the Tall Ships suitably dressed and may parties to be had.We arrived without wet weather gear as forecast for rain everyday however the weather has been like an Australian summer much to the delight of our 3 aussies on board.Matthew expertly helmed us into Maloy under the suspension bridge. In each port we have been able to go ashore to taste the Norwegian cruise and take in some of the fabulous sights and history of the areas.Some of us more intrepid climbers of the mast however we had expert support from Beth and Sam to provide confidence and support to achieve this challenge. Lachland is on the Leadership at Sea Programme and has been impressing our watch leader particular with his helming. Today he has created a reef knot necklace with the assistance of Charlie.

Our waistline are growing with celebration of 5 Birthdays with delicious birthday cake rustled up by Dave. Sadly, he didn’t have enough candles for Ruth’s 1’s cake however we made her a birthday card and helped her celebrate with a bottle of bubbly. The engineer Steve provided excellent Sommelier kills in advising re the bubbly and on chilling for our birthday drinks.There have been many challenges however we have been able to overcome them and feel achievement as we become more adept with our skills.We have had amazing support from the permanent crew and a special thanks to Steph for jollying us all along, much appreciated.Our watch seems to expand as we go for our evening excursions and it has been fun to meet new people and share our stories. Must dash anchor duty awaits!

The A crew -Mislav, Lachlan. Ruth 1, Matt, Kath and Sharon

P.S Kath and Matt are 2 lovebirds that are now married after meeting on a previous voyage.

Aft Port

Log Started journey with Helen’s birthday, poor Cookie Dave is on his 5th birthday cake by day 8 – his piping bag is on fire!