Day 19

What a difference a day makes! The weather has now turned positively calm, and some people are even champing at the bit for more nautical things to do in high winds. But we have sailed gently on across this vast empty ocean with lots of albatross but not a whale in sight, much to everyone’s disappointment.

As the last few hours of 2013 ticked away a small group began to assemble in the bar in anticipation of the momentous event of being the last to see out the old year. The gathering was kept amused in the build up with the first edition of “The Lord Nelson Times” landing on the beer barrels hot off the printer. Many interesting articles had been submitted so it was a great blend of informative and amusing content. It’s future sales will indicate if a second edition will be landing on bunk’s soon.


Sweeney welcoming in the New Year

Then came midnight: the peaceful night was disrupted for the duty watch when almost everyone assembled on the quarter deck for Sweeney to ring in the new year then a stirring tune from Margaret and Neil on fiddle and bagpipe chanter (!). The many hours practice in the engine room having paid off. Neil was wearing his kilt and vest – entirely appropriate attire for the Southern Ocean – rather than his penguin suit. Then there was singing and dancing and kissy stuff before we all went to our bunks. We do hope we didn’t wake the Captain from his honest slumbers . . .

photo14 photo15

Neil on Bagpipes, Margaret on Violin, practicing in the engine room

I don’t think the local wildlife could believe its eyes at all the goings-on! And roll on the next gale, we all say! (Apart from the BM’s who will be the one’s clinging to the rigging in said gale)

Fwd Starboard: Alan, Paul, Emma, Wendy, Andrew, Mike, Steph and Liz.