Aft Starboard on the midnight to 4 am watch. Everything seems under control so we have time to write our first blog. We thought our visit to the British Virgin Islands and Virgin Gorda was a great success.  Our Doti boat took us from our anchorage point to the Bitter End Yacht Club where we immediately came across an impressive looking restaurant for lunch. We all went for the “catch of the day” – this proved to be an excellent choice. Then it was time for a swim.  The entire crew made it back in time to catch the last Doti back to Lord Nelson where on our arrival we were commanded to join the Engineers on the bridge to taste a glass or so of Engineers Punch, for sundowners.

Then party time for most but some had to stay alert for anchor watch duties.  We  weighed anchor Saturday morning, hoisted fore – aft sails and them steamed off in the direction of Turks and Caicos Islands. Having made good progress, the wind caught up with us by the early evening so Captain Chris ordered square sails to be set.  We are now making in excess of 7 knots – importantly in the right direction. So now we are all enjoying some good sailing. The moon is shining through broken cloud, visibility is good and it is pleasantly mild so everything is fine.

Lesley, Lisa, Regina, Alan & John and James