Colin ate multiple limes.

Charlie given up dessert for a week – unless it’s chocolate pudding with chocolate sauce, which doesn’t count.

Cato’s still Australian.

Izzy is organising a competition between the deck officers to see who will become her new best friend.

Jane has become a naturalist because we saw a bird.

Carol is on mess duty and therefore has no say in this blog.

Charlotte has become a pacifist.

Jim has acquired the nickname TFJ – Too Far Jim.

In more important news, the Youth Leadership at Sea team finally managed to create a ships log to measure the speed of the ship through the water, a mechanism that was in fact perfected hundreds of years ago. The future is bleak.

Most of those on board, including Captain Barbara have been killed by fellow crewmembers. Weapons included lipstick, toilet roll, fenders and vacuum cleaners. The survivors are now battling not only with each other, but with reincarnated versions of their former bunkmates.

As in the words of the Borg: “Resistance is futile.” The same goes for our crusade towards quiz domination, which comes increasingly within reach, this time having narrowed the gap to one point.

In our attempts to further become nautically competent, Daft Port have for the last two days been taking sextant lessons from the captain. Understanding of this method ranged from, “mmmhhmmm, yah, yah” to “I wonder what’s for dinner”.

We have once more found fair wind, sun, and more chocolate, which for the watch members translates as eternal happiness. As we speak, the team is scoffing chocolate cake, with chocolate sauce, conveniently supplied by Charlie.

Colin, Jane, Izzy, Jonny, Charlotte, Charlie, Carol, Jim, and Cato.