01/08/15 LN874

Two mornings ago, the FP watch was called early to help the previous watch take in some sails and tighten the ropes due to strengthening winds and sea. It was a busy watch as there were many ships around and some were crossing past Nelly. Even with three sails set, we were still sailing at 6 knots!

Yesterday we stopped at Hals and did assisted climbs and wheelchairs aloft. Tom and Bastian did it by using the self-ascending climbing gear to haul themselves up the main mast. Sofie and Theis did the assisted climbs up the fore mast and climbed up to the platform. Whilst Marion, Jason, Christopher and Miriam were hoisted aloft in their wheelchairs. Afterwards, we went offshore to take the crew and watch photographs. We also got some of the square sails stowed.

Some of us treated ourselves to delicious ice cream whilst looking around at the other ships, which had also gone alongside for the afternoon and night. It was a relaxed night with a mixture of people on board and ashore.

Today, swiftly after breakfast, we had a happy half hour and stowing the sails ready to arrive at Aalborg. Some of the crew are dressing the ship overall with flags. We are now looking forward to the parade and crew party.

Georgie (FP watch)