Day 1

1st of September:

Everyone arrived and settled in at Adelaide after lunch. Usual procedures emergency drills. Everyone looking forward to setting sail. Saw many dolphins playing in the harbour.


50 on board (full house – no spare bunks!)

Captain: Barbara Campbell

1st Mate: Steve Higgs

2nd Mate: Marcin Dobrowolski

Bosun: Jim Phillips

Chief Engineer: Marco Michelangnoli

2nd Engineer: Mel Perrottet

Cook: Dave Stanley

Medical Purser: Elizabeth Turner

Bosun’s Mates: Harry Hicks and Alice Thornton

Cook’s Assistant: Pam Johnston

Supernumerary Officer of the Watch: Rob McDonald

Maintenance Bloke: Mike Snoxell

Voyage Crew: 37: from Australia (Victoria, South Australia,New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia), England, Scotlandand Old South Wales