Another day in paradise!

Just 1807NM to go!

After a couple of frustratingly windless days, the highly anticipated north easterly trade winds have finally made an appearance and we are now making good progress towards Antigua at a steady 6 knots!

With only 24 days until Christmas, excitement in the form of song (typically “We wish you a merry Christmas” and “Jingle bells”) has started to spread around the ship. Some of the crew are even having thoughts about building a snowman and naming him “Olaf”… Should we be concerned?!

As it is the 1st of December, I (Beth) would like to wish my little sister, Kaitlin, a very happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day, sorry I’m not there! Don’t have too much fun without me! 😛 Love and miss you loads!


We hope everyone at home is enjoying the run up to Christmas!

Hopefully we will have travelled a bit further by the next time we blog!

Speak to you soon, love to all. 🙂

Aft Starboard- Beth, Jay, George, Phil, Pirate Jo, Luke and Georgia!