Day 20

We are clearly settling into the routine as time has been found to carry out some of the essentials of the voyage. For example finding out where we are…. This involved some members of the watch handling a piece of equipment called a sextant. They peered through a small telescope attached to some pieces of metal which they moved about, looking to the distance and came up with some numbers. They then went into a huddle and came up with a number which was apparently 2 miles from where we actually were. All very clever.


Sextant work

We also had a guided tour of the engine room. Which although we are not using the main propulsion engines is still very noisy with one of the two generators running.

Yesterday the Lord Nelson Film Club met in the upper mess for the showing of that all time classic “The Shawshank Redemption” The only negative comment heard was that there were no Ice Creams.

This morning some of us were involved with general maintenance. Nothing too vital, but things that make sure that when they need to work, they do work.

The games have started. At lunch time the “The Murder Game” commenced, and as I write this there have been multiple murders committed. All a bit strange really as we have spent the past couple of weeks creating this highly motivated team which is now going to kill each other!!!!!

Following last nights start of the Lord Nelson Cultural Festival we are starting the Poetry Club this afternoon. We are certainly trying to wheedle out people with artistic talent. The weather continues to be kind and much time is being spent on deck enjoying the rays.

Forward Port Watch, Sherwood W/L, Bridget, Barbara, Jenny, Mike, Gary, Paul and David.