Yesterday morning we waved goodbye to Paradise as the Cocos Islands disappeared over the horizon and we settled down again into the routine of the ship, including getting our sea legs again.

It was a hot, sunny day and the sea was reasonably calm so we were lulled into a false sense of security. Our biggest problem was the number of bites that many of us seemed to have sustained.

Were they from mosquitoes, from little ants in the sand. . . ? We don’t know but Laura seems to have the most with Siobhan coming a close second on our Watch. Last night in the bar saw people wriggling around and twitching as they tried to scratch the itches!

The sea and the wind became more restless during the evening and the rocking and rolling that we so enjoy became part of our lives again even managing to set some of the alarms off so that Chips and Alan had an early start as they tried to identify and stop them.

Those taking part in the “Queen” video were frustrated to hear from Steve that they would have to repeat yesterday evening’s hard work as the light hadn’t been right so they would have to go through the scene all over again at dusk this evening. Never mind, they enjoy dressing up in balaclavas and black clothes, just keeping the timing right is the difficult bit so we are told.

Today sees the start of the Murder game. Each of us has been given the name of a person, a weapon and a place and we have to try and murder each other until there is one man or woman standing.

By 1.15 this afternoon four people have already been “murdered” and their intended victims are now being sought by the person who murdered them. Hope you are following this! Since there is almost nothing to be seen but the Ocean , (except Laura’s spurious sighting of a “Sharky/dolphin!)for over two weeks we have to have something to fill the time between chores, watches and eating!

We have been asked to give a talk on something that might interest our shipmates. Suddenly those amongst us known for their chatty ways seem to be lost for words. The members of our Watch all have interesting lives and lots to tell but we are reluctant to give away our secrets! May have to be a bit of arm twisting if we get bored enough!!

15 more days to go and still smiling…it’s a fantastic experience with its ups and downs but apart from missing those at home we are all having a great time and will remember this for the rest of our lives.

Aft Port. Stevie,Alan,Siobhan,Chris,Laura,Caryl,Neil and Sam.

P.S.3.30pm, just about to go off Watch. Yes, its definite, Laura has spotted a real Shark, about 2 metres long. Confirmed sighting by Lesley and Chris. Unfortunately Stevie didn’t have her contact lenses in so couldn’t spot it but being a trusting soul she agrees it was there!