Day 9 Wednesday 2nd October

In all our excitement yesterday, we forgot to mention that on day 7, we carried out the assisted climbs with the beautiful backdrop of Eden. The only thing that broke the serenity was the blasting of ACDC’S Hells Bells and it’s a Long Way to the Top, whilst the climbers scaled to great heights! Marion hauled herself up, whilst Andre rocketed up the ratlines… (actually quicker than able bodied Lindsay…who is still clinging to the ratlines as we speak four days later…bless).

Yvonne gave us a fabulous talk on whales and even managed to liaise with a local mother and calf to show us a demonstration of breaching and pec slapping later that afternoon. FYI, the southern right whale has the largest male genitals in the animal kingdom! Thanks Yvonne… we won’t forget that one!

We sailed into Jervis bay this morning to survey the many naval warships gathered here before the big day on Saturday and now we are just leaving for an overnight sail to Sydney! Bye for now Folks

Forward Port, Marion, David, Andre, Andy , Robin, Yvonne, Lindsay, Farren,Sue and adopted Jon.