It was George Orwell who wrote that all people are equal. That is not so in real life. On the Nelson however, Orwell’s visions become a reality. Here within 24 hours a group of complete strangers under the guidance of our super watch leader Martina became a fully competent team working as one. A mixed ability group have transcended language barriers, disability, fatigue and vulnerability and come out united, great things have been achieved. Awesome Stephen who is blind has taken the helm of our ship and steered a straighter path than some of our sighted members, Wheelchair adventurer Julie has achieved numerous things in her life but being involved in all the rope work at the sharp end every day has used her great strength and has made her feel completely integral to our watch.  Mistakes have been made, like the day when safety conscious Lizzie shut an open door only to discover an engineer going about his business! He and she were completely horrified! Or the morning when Julie was delayed in going to her shower, only to be interrupted by a team of enthusiastic scrubbers on happy hour, one of who wrenched, wrenched the door open much to Julie’s embarrassment!  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, is the saying, but linked together Aft Port watch have been mighty strong indeed.  What a voyage!

Aft Port watch: Martina, Satia, Julie, Lizzy, Ruth, Caroline, Stephen, Giang and Joe