Day 14

We began the day 200 ‘knotical’ miles West of Cape St. Vincent.  We are under sail, all squares on foremast, no course on mainmast. Pleasant winds and an almost cloudless sky are keeping the crew happy.

Experiencing large swells, which contributed to a flying wineglass in the Bar last night. Please note the swell cannot be wholly blamed for the spillage that occurred – it was in the bar after all!

This morning, Simon led a Sunday service on the foredeck in the sunshine for All Saints Day.

Liz reports 29 members of the crew have been murdered to date. Paranoia is increasing in those few left in the game. “May the odds be ever in their favour”.

Port Aft watch reporting: Naomi, Big Bill, Barnaby, Sam, Rob, Donna and Steve (still slaving away in the galley)