Day 21 Afternoon Watch

I am writing this cautiously, always keeping an eye out for suspicious characters and objects which do not belong. Half of my watch have been murdered so far…am I next?

I witnessed my first death yesterday – Fiona brutally scrubbing Mike to death by the chart table with a deck brush. Sweeney, usually so innocent, tricked her victim – her fellow watch member Meg – into assisting with her own death. Colin getting rid of Dick in the upper mess during lunch. The madness of this voyage has former friends and colleagues conspiring against each other. Earlier today the Captain himself killed poor Colin – a sick bag aft port. He was obeying orders and was killed whilst doing his duty.

Nervously we continue our watches, our mess. The trust once formed between us now gone.

Even the weather has eerily changed. 25 knots of wind with fog all but surrounding the ship – yet a single ray of sunshine finds its way through to us.

We have handed the t’gallants; the spanker – seen so infrequently on shorter voyages – has had its’ fair share of use.

Afternoon smoko is now upon us. How many more murders? Only a third of the voyage has passed; still 3674 miles to Cape Horn. Will there be enough of us left? Maybe by the time you read this I, too, would have met my fate….

Aft Starboard a.k.a ‘Team Nat’: W/L Natalie, Sweeney, David, Fiona – RIP Colin, Mike, Meg, Dick