The time is 2am is on the 3rd of February. We are sailing in a balmy breeze at temperatures of 25 degrees… come outside there’s a lovely moon above.  The ship is heading towards Grand Turk via an anchor stop at salt cay. After three days of sailing, which at times has been choppy and challenging, land will be a welcome sight… stocks of ginger biscuits are running dangerously low… Two breeching humpbacks were sighted yesterday, as well as some flying fish, tropic birds and brown boobies. Pull up challenges are becoming increasingly competitive. Today’s medallists saw Bosun Dave in first place with 22, 2, 6 heave alias Debs in 2nd place with 13 and gorgeous George in 3rd place with a still heroic 12.

Other achievements for the day, three ladies, Rosy, Ruth and Liv made it up to the 2nd from the top sail, known to those with the nautical vocabulary as the t’gallant, otherwise known as pretty high, to release the gaskets… conditions were a bit bouncy making for a nail biting climb, notice the three volunteers were all female… get on ladies… helped along with the calm support of Bosun Dave and Bosun’s Mate Chris. Signing off for now… next stop pina colodas!