Day 15

After yesterday’s confusion on shore side about whether we needed a pilot or not, which meant we had to anchor outside the Sao Sebastiao channel, we were able to head to Vila Ilhabella today. The pilot arrived at 10am and we motored up the channel between the island of Islhabella and the mainland.

The scenery was stunning. Steep slopes covered in Atlantic rain forest above pristine beaches and the blue sea; Waterfalls plunging down the hill sides; Small villages nestled between the trees.

The paperwork of immigration and customs took longer than expected, which meant that even though we anchored before lunch we were not able to go ashore until after 5pm. This gave us an afternoon to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The weather is great, with mostly blue sky and sunshine. After yesterday’s hot and humid conditions, temperatures in the mid 20s (Celsius) with a light breeze were very welcome.

We are all looking forward to a full day ashore tomorrow.

Forward Starboard: Darta, Elle, JC, Julio, Maxi, Ryan.