Part  1:
Monday 2nd June at the Abrolhos Islands
Wow! What a day, we arrived at the Brazilian National Marine Park consisting of five Abrolhos Islands late on Sunday afternoon, having completed four days sailing in the sun.
After an alfresco breakfast and a bit of house keeping, the outdoor pool was declared open.  Most folk had a lovely time swimming and jumping/diving into the 27 degree centigrade warm sea and the Boson’s mate spent a lot of time trying to tip Captain Chris out of a yellow tyre.
After lunch we had been invited by the Brazilian Navy to Land on the largest of the inhabited Island of Santa Barbara. Our Naval guide explained that 7 families lived on the island at 3 months at a time to maintain the light house.  We had a tour to the top via 83 steps to see the lantern.  The islands are also homes to a number of wild birds which have no fear of man, so you can wonder amongst of them, the islands are the breeding ground of the Humped back Whale between July and November so unfortunately we did not see them.
Back on board the Engineers Alan, Mike and Tam had rigged up a large trypod BBQ and after Sundowners on the bridge we had a tasty BBQ accompanied by Brazilian music.  Eddison provided Caipirinha a local cocktail made of Lime Cachaca suger a ice Yum Yum, a great day wash had by all.
From Alan Antonio, Ben, Grodon, Erika, Terri and Arfur.                                     
Part 2:
Ahoy there mateys, this #bloglordnelson is being brought to you by a Scottish alpha cadet and Bristolian cadet who are having a magnificent time on the other side of the world. That is us anchored outside of the Abrolhos islands which are a very peaceful and beautiful set of islands. Today and yesterday we have been landing people on the islands, yesterday we visited the bigger of the islands and the one that has been inhabited by people, on the island there is merely a few houses and a lighthouse which as a ship we were given a tour of by the lovely locals. Whilst waiting outside, one of the voyage crew got pooped on by one of the gorgeous birds of the island. The locals explained to us that the area has around 11,000 whales come here to mate before travelling the sea. Later, we went back to the Lord Nelson and we had a BBQ planned. The cook prepared lots of food for everyone. There was an engineers’ punch going around which raised everyone’s already high morale and helped relax us all. The cook had the night off from cooking and the engineers came to the rescue to make some amazing food which everyone enjoyed. It is now half past eleven here in the forenoon and we are planning on departing fairly soon so I will have to leave you on that high note; to the reader, have yourself a wonderful afternoon.
Jordan and Ciaran