Day two of the murder game sees Bob killing off James with the sewing machine. We’re all on tenterhooks to see who will be the next victim. Jane may have discovered who her potential murderer might be as Paul invited her into the heads!

We all got a drenching today as we handed the square sails in order to motor sail. We hope to pick up the westerlies in a few days, but meantime we’re punching into the wind and swell.

Our group of budding navigators took the noon sight and calculated we are at 15 degrees 39 minutes south, we must be heading in the right direction as its gradually getting cooler. We were also instructed in ships lights and shapes by Mate Jon – just hope there won’t be a test at the end of the voyage!

Stuermische (25 Knoten & viele im Haar) Segel-Gruesse von der fernen Suedhalbkugel kurz hinter den paradiesischen Cocos(Palmen)-Inseln, wo die Mittagssonne im Norden erstrahlt, Delfine die Moewen necken & nachts u.a. das Suedkreuz mit dem Plankton um die Wette leuchtet. Ich balanciere mich freudig zwischen Koje, Ruder & Bar hin und her; im Herzen seid Ihr mit on Board.

Selten kommt ein anderes Schiff geladen…

Forward Starboard Craig, Romy, Steph, Jane, Bob, Jim, Alan & Ishbel