July 3rd

Great excitement this morning as we sighted land for the first time in 12 days, we had a usual morning then after lunch we headed to anchor in Chatham Bay off Union Island in the Grenadines, once everything was sorted we headed ashore in the doti boat. If there is such a thing as a tropical paradise then this was it a fabulous beach and a couple of bars dying to take our money. The sea temperature was about 28’ which made swimming a pleasure then a cold beer or the local Rum punch(over 18s only) which was rather special especially when drunk sat in the wonderful sea with Reggae music pumping out on the bars p/a this was definitely an afternoon none of us will forget.

The game of murder goes on and on with people dropping at regular intervals and certain people avoiding parts of the ship with vengeance (pinky and stern platform) being the worst culprit but Derek the cook will get her by hook or by crook. This watch leader was murdered in the chartroom by Carol with help from his own watch and the Bosun but as his next task would have been to get his next victim dressed in a parrot costume he didn’t complain.

F’wd Port Jim, Carol, Val, Oli, Doc John, Tina, Iddy, Kevin & Naomi