LN898 03/07/2016 -It should have been a sunny and quiet run ashore to St Vaast la Hougue for some food and shopping……

RIB journey over= wet and cold

Shopping= no one remembered it was Sunday!

Food= good

Return journey = uneventful, except…..

Tide out, lock closed, RIB manhandled to find some water, hidden rocks= RIB puncture!

Connor bravely worked with the crew to save the boat and gets wet pants for his trouble.

Amber takes a guided walk through the mud back to the quay (medal recommended)

Ian plays a game of off the boat/on the boat.

Second RIB and crew to the rescue; all safely back on the ship, with the tumble dryer working overtime.

And so to Boulonge…..

(PS while the Voyage Crew took in the local delights we played with our new donation- a Charlie wet vacuum cleaner, a gift from Mark on a previous voyage, fed up with cleaning the heads floors badly. The whole ship has been Charlied/Marked- just in time for soggy crew to arrive back!)