LN901 03/08/2016 – Aft starboard (Abi, Katy, Stephen, Josh, Greg, Jamsran, Bryony and Edu) checking in for our first blog.

The weather has been lovely with not a cloud in the sky however, the “wind chill” makes a few extra layers necessary, and of course, a little extra rum ration wouldn’t do us any harm. We had the pleasure of our first sighting of a pod of dolphins at 23:00 – this was a real morale booster and helped relieve us of our watch in good time as others had surfaced from their bunks quicker than usual. Today some of those undertaking the “Leadership at Sea course/ DoE have been experiencing life with reduced sight courtesy of Jim’s makeshift blind-folds – patent pending. We have now learned that Jamsram can confidently steer using the talking compass – Josh has this experience to come. Till next time. Aft starboard.