Day 3 Tuesday 3rd September

You are now hearing from the “Forward Starboard” team or theFS (FUN SHIP)! Yes we are the fun ship who made it through the rear passage with some strong winds. Derek a member of our crew inspired us with his courage and determination during his assisted climb. Last night was our first realisation of how cold it actually is out here being on watch from 8pm until midnight. We were reminded of life at its simplest: peaceful waves crashing, stars shining bright and lost in your own thoughts, no better way to escape your own reality. During our watch we were fortunate enough to have some beautiful winds pick up so we could set some sails in the moonlight, and every member of our crew has an opportunity to steer the helm through the deep seas, an experience that will never be forgotten. Although for many members of our crew this has been an experience that we could not have been prepared for everyone hasstepped up no matter how green, blue or orange we have been feeling. The fun ship have made some awesome friends because we are awesome.

Over & Out: Lauraour fearless leader, Roanna, Derrick, Jeni, Ian, Mel, Sophie, Steve & Amy