LN878 03/09/15

Hello from Lord Nelson, alongside in Scheveningen ….easy for you to say!…a seaside town at the entrance to the Hague.

This is a roundabout way for Voyagers on LN878 to get from Canary Wharf to Great Yarmouth. We welcomed the new Voyage crew aboard on Sunday30th, in unsettled showery weather. They were soon in the spirit of all things nautical, and being briefed on safety aspects of the ship routine, then an emergency drill and then swiftly into action. The newly briefed watches went to Harbour Stations at 16.30 and we left the side, making for our 5pm slot in the lock.

Cookie Dave fed the crew as we motored down the Thames, all the scenery a bit grey today and a fresh wind blowing. There was time to fit in some rope handling, sail setting briefs and bracing the yards before we reached our overnight anchorage at Leigh On Solent.Many had travelled a distance to the ship, and went to their bunks, others got chatting in the bar, and the Anchor Watch.

Bank Holiday Monday started in true style, grey skies and relentless rain! Dave cheered the start of the day up with a full English breakfast, and then it stopped enough for those that were able to climb without assistance to try the giddy heights of the yards. There was a good turn out, and the sails were soon untied in preparation for later.

We were served a rolling buffet lunch, in order to watch the start of the Clipper Race. There was a flurry of sails in the rain, a few hooters and suddenly at 12.30 they were off and away into the rain, heading for warmer climes.

Captain Chris and Richard the Mate duly called everyone to be ready, and we weighed anchor and set off to the North Sea.

The afternoon passed quickly with more training, and smoko and then sails were set and we made good speed. The swell picked up considerably over the evening and through the night, which was testing for some of the new crew…and one not so new! The sails were handed at the 8pm watch changeover, and the engine fired to help us along.

Today started with more promise, and a few green faces. The breakfast tables being a lot quieter than the first day! However, after a session of Happiness to freshen the ship, and setting sails ,the sun came out and the morale with it. The afternoon saw the crew lying on the decks like basking seals, or catching up in their bunks while the watch on duty enjoyed a pleasant sail.

We came alongside in Scheveningen in time for a delicious fish and chip supper on board, and then people wandered ashore or sat and chatted in the bar, relaxing after work well done.

We are alongside tomorrow until 7pm, so will report back on the town.

Until then….