Day 8

Hi there from Aft Starboard watch – we have spent the most magical day as we were privileged to be on watch this morning as we entered the Cook Strait, then into the Tory Channel & Marlborough Sound and are now anchored by the spot where there is a monument to Cook, who first landed in this area. The weather has been fine & sunny & a spot of sunbathing was achieved this afternoon, though it is cooling down considerably now as we await the Engineers’ barbeque! We also managed to keep our ‘Speedy Steve’ in one place (on the helm) for almost an hour whilst the rest of us were spending an hour of happiness!

The Young Endeavour is currently anchored here in the bay with us. Several people are dressed in colourful flowery shirts for tonight’s activities. The atmosphere is relaxed and social, everyone seems to be just chilling out. I hear laughter coming from the deck; I see smiles on faces, conversations coming from all different parts of the ship. Lasting friendships have been made.

We greeted the return of our watchleader David from his stint in the mess, having been very ably looked after by his deputy, Ben.

Cheers to all from Aft Starboard – David, Ben, Pam, Steve, Jo, Dave & John