LN884 03/11/15

Aft Starboard Watch – Stan Oxnard, Maria Miles, Henry Bradbury, Charlotte Cumberbirch, Esme Reaney, Bryn Fitch

Day 9

We arrived in the picturesque port of Muros yesterday before which we were swarmed upon by a large pod of friendly dolphins. We had awoken that day to a beautiful pink sunrise over the Spanish landscape and the day was to soon blossom into one of our best yet.

In Muros were greeted by the friendly fishing locals as well as the majestic Wylde Swan, a Dutch topsail schooner, who followed in our wake into the harbour and moored alongside us on our port side.

We welcomed the curious host of locals aboard having successfully moored and they seemed overjoyed at the opportunity to explore old Nellie.

Then we venutured into town to sample the delicious locally caught  mussels, squid, octopus fish and of course the wine, which is obviously grown not fished as grapes do not live in the sea, they can’t swim.

We had a fantastic time letting off steam in Muros last night and we chatted and danced with the locals and our new Dutch friends.

This morning was a little tough to wake up as you can imagine but Derek’s breakfast soon stoked our fires back up. We ventured off into the town again exploring the back streets and alleyways of the old town and to stride amongst the lofty fertile hills that tower around the bay.

We’ve just set off and bid goodbye to the locals and the Wylde Swan, next stop Portugal!