Day 15

We had a very interesting talk from MP Jo last night about her Round the World Clipper yacht race. Time will tell whether anyone was tempted to follow in her footsteps and have a go!

A beautiful morning with sunshine and wind, the sails are up and we’re making good progress towards Las Palmas. We are now on the lookout for squally weather clouds and have managed to avoid any precipitation so far.

There were a few more murders overnight and there are now only 9 survivors in the Murder Game, plotting and scheming away, becoming ever more devious in attempts to lure their victims.

After a day of rest it was back to happy hour today and our turn for laundry. George is in charge and now has very clean sunglasses! Given that he bought enough clothes (and 6 towels!) to last to Antigua,  we await the return of our items with trepidation!

Thanks to Cookie, food continues to be excellent; roast pork last night with red berry fruit pie and custard or cream, Moussaka for lunch today, not forgetting the daily cooked breakfasts!

Looking forward to our dinner and a midnight watch.

FS watch Simon, James, Sally, Carolyn, Oli, George and Luke (in the galley).