Day 53

The sun has once again come out from behind the cloud, leaving some angry looking weather ahead of us but blue sky behind.

It has been a grey morning, soggy over lunch.

The captain came to the lower mess after smoko to give a talk on tacking. Until last night we had only wared ship. All hands were called around 1900hrs to attempt a tack – a very successful tack indeed (at no point did we drift backwards).

Just before lunch today we attempted another tack, again successful.

The wind is not helping us get to 50 degrees south – the official end point to be recognised as Cape Horners. In fact it seems more determined to send us to the Falkland Islands. Although a dream of many on board, it is not a sensible destination in the current political climate.

Despite only being 40 NM from the Argentinean coast, there are no vessels to see on this watch. We have feathered friends keeping us company but marine life has been sparse except for a few jellyfish (our fearless leader Natalie wondering if they taste of lemon) and seaweed.

On watch last night, we saw a beautiful sunset and Fiona attempted star sightings. An array of desserts were on show in the upper mess as night food and Natalie was treated to warm syrup sponge with cream, courtesy of cookie Dave.

As we type this, speed-demon David C is on the helm, racing along at 5 knots (Update: Fiona has just pushed us to 5.4)!! Met observations have also been interesting this afternoon with an array of cloud formations to choose from.

Sweeney had a personal achievement yesterday, climbing to the head of the foremast despite a fear of heights. She also stepped out on the T’Gallant and course yards, with support from BM Stu, watch member Meg and the promise of chocolate.

The ship has seen its’ final clock change before reaching Ushuaia. We are now synched with Argentina, three hours behind the UK.

This evening teams will fight it out in the bar over another quiz; Natalie will be on mess leaving the watch in the hands of Leadership at Sea participant Meg.

All is well and we send our loved ones at home our thanks for supporting our efforts, allowing us to leave you for this length of time to follow our dreams.

Aft Starboard: Natalie W/L, Colin, Meg, Sweeney, Fiona, Mike, Dick, David C.