04/06/15 LN868

Day 4….  Up to a lovely morning, on a course north past Land’s End and along the Cornish coast.  Swell from the SW giving her quite a roll.  Progressing further into the Bristol Channel, FP watch took over at 1230.  We were escorted by a pod of common dolphins.  Spectacular flowing swimmers!  Captain Chris announced that we were going to be able set fore and aft sails at last. Then we got an informative lesson on sail setting from Steve the First Mate.  After a delicious “Meze” lunch it was all hands on deck to set square sails as well.  2 BMs aged over 70 and 2 visually impaired voyage crew climbed with others to the fore topgallant yard, and together we set fore course, fore topsail, and fore topgallant sails, and topsail, topgallant and royal on the mainmast.  At last we are really sailing, still with the dolphins playing alongside us in the sunshine. Brilliant. FP watch.