LN901 -04/08/2016

After spending about three quarters of the voyage motoring into strong headwinds, the captain set a course to allow us to put some sail up and we were immediately becalmed in a thick mist! Someone said that they thought we might see the pirates of the Caribbean but someone else said they thought the Nellie had actually become the Black Pearl and that we might be becalmed for ever! It was really eerie as the swell rocked the boat from side to side but spirits were lifted by the pod of dolphins that appeared with their babies and entertained us for a couple of hours. It’s something you can never tire of.

The team’s working really well together and everybody is really looking forward to going ashore tomorrow (if we ever get there!) to give our sea legs and stomachs a rest.

For a little while this week it looked as if we’d been invaded by aliens as Leadership at Sea crew were wearing goggles that made it a lot harder to see. This was a great idea but was challenging and rather scary.

It was Ryan’s birthday today (19), and because of that we enjoyed a special morning “smoko” celebrating with a fine birthday cake created by “cookie” Simon.

Aft port watch

Jay, Carrie, Lisa, Maureen, Jayne, Will, Mislav, Colin and Andy.