Wednesday 4th September Day 4

The day started off with a drizzly morning but started topick up after breakfast.

We lost contact with the three Dutch tall ships that have been on the horizon for the last few days. :’(

Lunch was a soup-er start to the watch (we had soup forlunch), with puns making the cold windy day that bit more bearable. We passedPortland and are now in Victorian waters, whilst still being in South Australiatime zone on the ship! The winds have been in our favour since we left Adelaideallowing for amazing sailing along the coast, passing a wind farm and somesmall towns today, making excellent progress, maybe even a little too fast onour way down the coast to Melbourne!

Foxtrot Papa Whiskey;

Charlie Alpha Tango Echo

Golf Romeo Echo Yankee

Sierra Alpha Mike

Juliet Alpha Romeo Romeo Yankee Delta

Romeo Uniform Sierra Sierra

Lima India Zulu

Echo Mike Mike Alpha

Sierra Hotel Alpha Romeo India Echo

November Alpha Tango Hotel Alpha November

Golf Romeo Alpha November Tango