Nearly there! (about 250nm to go to Gran Canaria!)

Today, we, Forward Port Watch, sit on the bridge experiencing alternating bright sunshine and sideways rain from squalls, trying not to think that this will be one of our last days left at sea before we reach our destination and wave goodbye to some of our crew and new found friends!

Under full sail, we have been reaching speeds of 8 knots this afternoon! At this rate, we will be in Gran Canaria by Thursday morning, via a route planned to pass by the coasts of Lanzarote.

Whilst we’ll be sorry to part with new friends, we cannot wait for sandy beaches and water temperatures of 24 degrees! There have been discussions of attaching a paddling pool and/or waterslide to the stern, however we’re not sure if this would comply with safety regulations. Until we find a loophole, we can only dream.

The ship’s murder game is nearing it’s gory end, with only 3 devious fiends still standing… You could cut the tension with a hot knife here folks! They have until tomorrow at noon to fight it out… Who will win?

Watch this space…