Day 23

Well, it’s been an eventful 12 hours as the wind and the swell have picked up steadily since last night. We had the fun task of taking in both T’gallants and I was lucky enough to be allowed up onto the fore T’gallant yard to help tie the sail down. We are now in the 12:30-4pm watch and as I write we are happily bowling along at 8 knots, happily the fog has left us for a time. I have spliced a new curtain-retainer for the upper mess and been murdered by Tracey, on the foredeck with my own boots. I will never trust my watchleader (Paul) again! Another highlight of the watch was seeing a whale!! I saw a fin and part of its back, while others spotted the spout as it headed astern. We are now keenly looking out for more! Thinking of you all back at home as our adventure continues.

Emma & the rest of Forward Starboard Watch – Wendy, Steph, Liz, Paul (traitor!), Andrew, Mike and Alan.