Day 54

Another tall ship sailing surprise today. Below preparing for breakfast all quiet and under control for us, the tannoy blasts, “We’re taken aback, all hands on deck”. That was the Captain’s instruction. We handed t’gallants & courses and braced.

As quick as it comes it goes. We set t’gallants.

Almost before we return to the bridge to admire our work and the extra knot it gives a squall hits. The sea is now lined with streaks of foam as we struggle to hand t’gallants, courses, stays’ls, and main to ps’l. Bunts & clews are bar tight as we struggle to spill wind from flogging canvas. We set the inner jib, tidy up and retire to see what next while BMs, Bosun, Medical Purser & Emma fight sails into gaskets . Next the sun comes and we are propelled north with a swell under the stern.

We are still in with a chance to make 50 south, and Ushuaia on 9th when your phones may ring and corks will pop!

Cheers AP: Stephen, Colin, Brian, Celia, Vinney, John R, Bob, John G and Wendy.


Captain’s footnote: Please note that the iridium / telaurus email sys tem is now in its dying throes, if not actually dead. It is highly u nlikely that any further email traffic from either end will reach its destination before we get to Ushuaia. Thank you.