We have just arrived in Bermuda’s capital, Hamilton, after a 16-mile pilotage passage from St George’s on the North-eastern side of the Island.

We arrived in St George’s at 10am on the 3rd after a wet night at sea. The day slowly brightened and, as it was Beth’s 50th Birthday, a musical wake-up call, plus balloons and banners in the lower mess provided a lively start to the day. Cookie Derek got up very early to decorate the Birthday cake, only to find someone had already cut a chunk out of it and eaten it! Eventually, BM Jules confessed but used her legal training to prove that as she didn’t know it was a Birthday cake, she was technically innocent of the crime! Cookie managed to disguise the missing chunk with jam, cream and icing and the cake was presented to Beth at smoko whilst everyone sang Happy Birthday.

In the afternoon, exploration of the beautiful heritage town, all pastel-coloured historic buildings with shutters and narrow cobbled streets was the main activity.  The local bars and restaurants also did a roaring trade and the yacht club’s dance floor had its first ever wheelchair-led conga!

Assisted climbs on the 4th saw Angie, Lou and Beth pull themselves up the mainmast using the self-ascending gear, whilst Reenie and Candace climbed the fore-mast, all to cheers of support and delight from everyone on deck.  The afternoon was again spent exploring St George’s, its forts and the nearby Crystal Caves.

The last few square sails are currently being harbour-stowed by a team of volunteers in the warm, spring sunshine, whilst others are already ashore exploring the city.  Sundowners are planned for 6pm and then a it will be time for the last-night meal ashore.

Lesley, Second Mate.