Day 17

Boa tarde amigos! Yesterday was a wonderful antidote to the long wait we had the previous day to get clearance to go ashore: some of us went on a four-wheel drive jeep trip across the island, through the Atlantic ‘mata’ – tropical forest. We visited some spectacular waterfalls, some of us trekking through the jungle and then celebrating with a dip in the pool below the falls. The two jeep trips reunited on a long, idyllic beach where delicious seafood was available. There were lovely rollers for those who wanted a bit of fun in the surf.

Those who didn’t go on the jeep trips spent their time on beaches closer to La Vila; or stocked up on T-shirts in the lovely shops; or simply ‘chilled’ in the luxury of the Yacht Club, who were generous enough to invite us to use their facilities for the day. This included providing launches to take us back to the ship in the evening, which was much appreciated as it enabled the permanent crew to have a bit of time off too. Many took advantage of the large showers in a bid to Save Water on the ship, while others spent their evening listening to live samba music. We discovered this always goes down well accompanied by a ‘caipirinha tradicional’, the Brazilian speciality!

Today began with an extra special Smoko… In order to commemorate Sail The World coming complete circle at Ilhabela, Dave, Simone and Cat created a cake worthy of the occasion, decorated to the nines and with a miniature 3-D model Lord Nelson, and there was much celebration!!!

Now we motor along slowly in calm airs and flat seas accompanied by some brown boobies and dragon or damsel-flies (and sadly quite a bit of trash as we are so close to the coast). We have stowed the main course and spanker for the remainder of the voyage. To our west is the stunning coastline with numerous islands and mountains rising steeply out of the sea.

We are heading for Ilha Grande where we plan to spend the day tomorrow, near the Alta de Paranoica (as Captain Chris says, the Heights of Paranoia!), swimming off the ship and enjoying a barbecue on deck in the evening.

This afternoon we had an interesting and detailed meteorological talk by our resident professional meteorologist, Roman – but how to condense this immense subject into just one hour?!

Time to sign off, perhaps for the last time (sob, sob)

From the A Star (Aft Starboard) watch – Rio here we come! Ate logo a tudos, CB, Kay, Chris, Roman, Graham and Kate





Monday 5th May 2014

Today the Lord Nelson has officially circumnavigated the world. She left her anchorage in Ilhabela on 24th December 2012, on STW11 (Rio to Rio), and crossed her outward track by passing that anchorage point on leaving this beautiful paradise island this morning,on STW8A (Punta del Este to Rio). In the intervening time she has achieved the following.

Sailed                   2872 hours 15606 N Miles

Motor-sailed      1691 hours 10252 N Miles

Motored              1076 hours 6056 N Miles

Total                    5639 hours 32044 N Miles

….that’s a wealth of opportunity to make history for the ship.

Marcin (2/O), Lesley (Bosun) and I were lucky enough to sail on both voyages.

Ruth Hill – Voyage Crew.