LN896 05/06/2016 Dublin river festival in full flow.

A morning spent smashing prejudice and challenging people’s miss conceptions through daring bravery and fantastic support. The supported and aided mast climbs. Never before have I been so challenged to overcome fear and disability. With great success all who took part accomplished amazing things that many would say we couldn’t do; followed of course by a customary pint of Guinness and a fab night in the docklands of this amazing capital.

Andrew Cowe

Aft Starboard Watch

PS Message to Marco- Chief Engineer from his beautiful children who visited the ship; “time to tidy your room daddy”.

PPS In a major challenge for Chris and Brandon; our resident teenagers; “green veg eating ” was attempted at the all you can eat chinese. The sweet taste of success goes to Chris for surmounting his vege fear, and a small moment of victory for Brandon for cleverly concealing his veg so no one noticed he didn’t eat it!