Following on from yesterday’s blog, the winds continue to whistle through the rigging and the spindrift is shooting off the tops of the dramatic waves. Three of our watch our not able to join us on the bridge because of the weather, but they are with us in spirit. Those of us who are on watch are sporting rather fetching wind-blown hair styles.

Cook’s Assistant Margaret just doused herself with water in an attempt to empty a bucket over the side. Last evening, one of the mess team tried to get around washing up by hurtling a bucket of dirty plates (and herself) down the lower mess stairs – the mess person survived unscathed but not the plates. In the murder game, only 3 of our watch are still alive.

We have just raised the ensign back to full staff. It was lowered at 12:30 as a mark of respect for loyal JST supporter and Alderney Branch Chairman, Russell Greenstock, whose funeral was held today.

Aft Starboard – Tom, Lande, Peter, Robin, Peter, Carol, James, Tony.