July 5th

For the first time in 2 weeks we had a stationary breakfast, then it was time for the assisted climbs, everyone that wanted to climb has now climbed to at least the first platform.

Then it was a free day, as it was a bank holiday the “tourist attractions” were not open, but the weather was fabulous and so after a stop at the hole in the wall some walked, some took a taxi tour of the island, some took to the water and some even spent all afternoon watching the football!

After missing our customary afternoon nap, some of us retired early, and some retired in the early hours but all were in attendance at breakfast which was fortunate or they would have been conspicuous in their absence from our STW9 crew photo.

Most are now relishing their remaining few hours in this little piece of paradise before we set sail again this afternoon and swap it for another, slightly larger, piece of paradise. Love to family and friends from all the crew and voyage crew aboard Nellie.