Today is the day we all look forward to; assisted climb day. The Voyage Crew who need some assistance or a bit more time, climb the rigging.

Ian hauled himself up with no assistance from the crew despite being in a wheelchair and with a significant visual impairment, Nigel and Edward went up in their wheelchairs and Amber, the youngest of the crew, climbed up on her own, paying no attention to her visual impairment. This is Amber’s experience;-

When I put the harness on I didn’t feel scared, but as I started to climb, I began to feel more nervous. I had nearly reached the platform when I encountered the problem. The ladder tilted upwards and outwards at a 45 degree angle to the section of the ladder I had been climbing previously. I held tightly to the rope and metal, feeling any second I was going to fall and hit the deck 15metres below us. But eventually I managed to pull myself on to the platform, with the wooden floor creaking and the sun glittering like a pearl. I am very glad I have had that experience and it’s been one of the most nerve wracking things I have ever done- including my GCSEs- but I would recommend that everyone should do it because they will find it a very memorable experience.

Good luck with those GCSE result Amber- somehow- we think you won’t need it!