05/08/15 LN875

Well here we are! The new crew have arrived, settled in and have soaked up the atmosphere and welcome of Aalborg. After briefings and initial training and our first delicious meal, shore leave was enjoyed, sampling what was on offer on the street stalls, (brilliant frozen yoghurt!), 3 different Stages hosting brilliant bands and seeing some of the other ships and sights. Some stayed on board as the sun set, quaffing the odd glass of wine and settling into our positions for the event of the night, the firework display on the bridge over the fjord. Nellie Had the best place on the water being very near the bridge and just outside the official exclusion zone!! The fireworks were brilliant, spectacular, extremely loud, amazing and many other superlatives that we can’t think of at this time of the morning!! 1.2 tons of fireworks lit up the sky in breath-taking splendour in what we were told was the biggest firework display in Europe. The end of the display was greeted by a multitude of ships horns filling the night air with sound, a suitably jubilant finale to a fantastic display.

The next morning (Tuesday) broke clear and sunny and preparations were made for the parade of sail which took place in the afternoon and turned out to be a slow, stately procession of masts with a few stay sails. Eventually, late in the afternoon, we passed the ships from which the local Aalborg dignitaries were watching and gave them a crew salute of three cheers, a Mexican wave and some jolly British music! (There was also a little intership fun involving the occasional water bomb!) Following the evening meal (delicious again!) our watch retired for some kip ready to get up for the 12- 4 night watch (in the rain, but it soon stopped). Plenty to see and do tonight: ships passing, floating village of ships at anchor, light houses flashing, sails set. A great start to our voyage.

Lesley and Naomi Aft Port Watch.