Day 5 Thursday 5th September

This is Aft Starboard watch – Watch Leader Alli, Frank, John, Loretta, Max, Tim, Mark, Nat and Judith. We aim to be the ACE team, being first on duty, and carrying out our watches in super-efficient style.

Last night’s watch saw us passing the lights of Portland, Port Fairy and Warrnambool, and was varied by us being called to brace the yards about 10.30pm. In seaman’s language – move the yards with the sails on them to a different angle to the ship, to take the best advantage of the wind, leaving “Admiral” Frank, the senior member of the watch at the helm.

We then had to hand the main course – this doesn’t refer to Cookie Dave’s delicious dinner of curry, rice and papadums but to bringing in the lowest sail on the main mast.

This afternoon Tim and Nat excelled in helping ‘bend on’ a new topsail complete with JST logo. ‘Bend on’ for the layperson refers to the process of changing sails. Topsail refers to the sail above the course, (I hope you’re all following this?) (Lord Nelson has 4 square sails on the foremast and 4 on the main mast). Tim’s effort in particular was special given he has taken quite some time to find his sea legs.

This afternoon we passed Apollo Bay, now sailing the Great Ocean Road. Not that long now until we meet up with the Pilot to enter Port Phillip Bay tomorrow morning.