Day 55

What’s that strange humming noise? Sweeney’s latest tune, an Albatross with a sore throat? Nope, it’s the engines! After 6 weeks unbroken sailing we have had to admit that the winds are no longer with us. At 9:44 the Captain made the decision to turn around, having reached 51deg22’ South (~82 miles short). We are now motoring to an anchorage outside Ushuaia on the 8th. We hope that all our efforts and over 6000 nm will help our case to become ‘Cape Horners’ – some of us will be getting the tattoo anyway! Many of the crew are taking advantage of the sunshine to go climbing or rehearse for the upcoming SODS opera. It feels strange to be heading towards land again but we are grateful to everyone who has made this possible

Forward Starboard: Paul, Wendy, Andrew, Liz, Mike, Alan, Emma and Steph.